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One-on-one coaching with our OneTaste-trained coaches is a unique experience.
It’s a potent cocktail of high-quality attention, fierce truth-telling and unwavering commitment to your true desires. Our coaches are trained to combine the 20 Principles of Orgasm with a solid coaching foundation, formulated from life-long explorations of doing their own work. What we offer is deeply catalyzing and surprisingly effective.

Our coaching is especially tailored to couples and singles that feel stuck and are looking for lasting change in the areas of sex, relationships and intimacy. By putting deliberate, quality attention on these malnourished parts, we have found our clients discover a wellspring inside themselves. A source that hydrates even the most dry and brittle relationships; one that opens channels to love, purpose and fulfillment where we had previously given up hope.

To see if we are a good fit, sign up for a free one-hour exploratory session. In this session, we will excavate your desire, identify your current obstacles, teach you about our coaching style, and make you a clear offer based on our current menu of services.

Aspen & The Roaring Fork Valley Coaches

Jeanne Wicks

Jeanne Wicks grew up in Colorado and has a great appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, and has a special love for skiing.

She is a OneTaste-certified personal coach, and couples, sexuality and transformation coach.

Since 2007 Jeanne has been practicing Theta Healing, an intuitive healing modality, for which she holds 3 levels of certification. She has been trained as a BioGenesis practitioner, working with energy-infused glass healing tools. She has been engaged in extensive personal growth work and spiritual exploration since 1994.

Jeanne's background as a talented painter, mixed media and digital artist, facilitates her ability to incorporate art into her coaching, bringing her clients in touch with their inner-most selves and desires.

Jeanne Wicks
Integrated Theta Healing Artist
OneTaste-certified Life, Relationship & Transformation Coach

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Nick Nicholson

Nick Nicholson has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley since moving here from Park City, Utah in 1988. For over 25 years he has consulted with local governments and businesses, and coached local business owners, integrating the art of marketing with the science of automation. As an Internet technologist he has been a pioneer on the bleeding edge of discovery.

But for Nick, the biggest discovery of his life came in January of 2013 when he crossed paths with the technology of Orgasmic Meditation®* - truly life changing for himself and for his customers. In his personal coaching, Nick combines his knowledge and understanding of feeling, intimacy and connection with countless hours of training and practice in Buddhist meditation.

Nick Nicholson
Business & Technology Coach
OneTaste-certified Transformational Coach
OneTaste-certified How To OM Trainer

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*Orgasmic Meditation® (OM) is a registered trademark of OneTaste Incorporated, and is used with permission.

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