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Jeanne Wicks

Jeanne Wicks grew up in Colorado and has a great appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, and has a special love for skiing.

She is OneTaste-trained in personal coaching, couples and sexuality coaching, as well as Orgasmic Meditation training and coaching.

Since 2007 Jeanne has been practicing Theta Healing, an intuitive healing modality, for which she holds 3 levels of certification. She has been trained as a BioGenesis practitioner, working with energy-infused glass healing tools. She has been engaged in extensive personal growth work and spiritual exploration since 1994.

Jeanne's background as a talented painter, mixed media and digital artist, facilitates her ability to incorporate art into her coaching, bringing her clients in touch with their inner-most selves and desires.

Jeanne Wicks
Integrated Theta Healing Artist
OneTaste-trained Life & Relationship Coach

Testimonials for Jeanne

Jeanne, I canít thank you enough. You have helped me to deal with the biggest challenge Iíve ever had in life Ė the challenges of separation and divorce with children, kids I love dearly. You connected with me, right through the phone and could tune in and sense the surges within my sole as you guided me in pulling out the fears and obstacles I had inside. Youíve helped me explore the hard parts and be okay with it; showed me how hold my intellect in one hand and viscerally explore my deep emotions with the other hand Ė emotions I didnít know where there. I have experienced traditional counseling as needed multiple times over the years and many times found myself put off with the lack of direction and specificity. Your style, skills and the techniques you employ are the perfect balance to assist me with this journey. Thank you.

Brett H., Dana Point, CA

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