TurnOn Aspen Manifesto

It is time. As is the case for all things transformational, change is inevitable. It is now our turn. TurnOn Aspen will restore Orgasm to the city of Aspen and those folks that live up and down the Roaring Fork Valley. Over the years we have understandably become polarized, insular, less connected, and, quite frankly, significantly more masculine than feminine. It is quite simply the nature of our conditioning.

Our stuckness is common with other concentrated geographical areas of beauty and desirability. Similar to many resort destinations, be they beach, golf, ski or the like, peoples from all walks of life migrate and burrow here. In common with each and every one of us is our desire for the scenic beauty of the area and the associated outdoor sports and seasonal activities. These pleasures are found only in absolute majestic nature, such as in this place. Some come to live, some come to play, but all stay to varying degrees for the visual stimuli and active lifestyle. Whether perpetuated by living here, or just to temporarily visit and vacation, we often endure great sacrifice and encounter great costs in order to be here.

As Aspen has evolved, escalating real estate and living costs have encouraged many of us locals to move "down valley," away from the core that is now Aspen. Today, a majority of the workers that comprise the hospitality-based infrastructure of our city, commute in from outlying residential towns along the Roaring Fork Valley. Somehow we come together each day in order to serve those residing in this town we love and call Aspen, including: a minority of remaining Aspen locals, the tourists (whom make up 75% of the in-season population), and finally the vacation home owners, whom reside here, at least for 1 week per year. Perhaps some initial disparity; All will be part of our unified community.

Within our community we have both the free-spirited local athletes, many of whom ski more than 100 days a year, as well as the U.S. Policymakers, Ambassadors, and Congressmen/women, along with the elite Fortune 100 CEOs, Philanthropists and World-Stage Benefactors that fund them. We are truly diverse, yet we all share the values of Body, Mind and Spirit. This common ground will enable us to be all-inclusive within our community. TurnOn Aspen, in combination with several initiatives collected under the Aspen - City of Well Being umbrella, will assist in elevating the level of health and consciousness of the valley. Our role will be to facilitate Orgasmic connection amongst and between these factions through Orgasmic-based coaching, regular TurnON gatherings, OM®* Training, and events focused on and around Orgasmic Meditation.

Aspen is spiritually stimulated and it always has been. TurnOn Aspen intends to initially cultivate the Divine Feminine energies of Orgasmic Meditation amongst the Local populous throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Upon achieving the appropriate level of Orgasm and number of Orgasmic Meditation practitioners required to assist and support these endeavors, we will push out our programs to the visiting tourist through partnerships with the local hotel and hospitality industry. And finally, we look forward to integrating the energy and clarity of Orgasmic Meditation in the various programs and think tanks that take place throughout Aspen and the city-wide campus of the Aspen Institute, facilitating a Bridge of Light, real connection and unity consciousness between Aspenites and the global arena of the world's movers and shakers.

TurnOn Aspen will become a model for other, similar destinations of desire; Where populations are both more approachable and touchable, where they are dramatically diverse, but the same. Where Orgasm can be understood as something considerably different and broader, and so much more important than climax; Where it can be more easily spread through appropriately focused attention. Where feeling can trump thinking, being instead of doing, while the typical mental deterrents are more easily set aside, if only temporarily so. Facilitating connections that are brief, yet everlasting; Penetrating, yet fertile; One connection at a time. One taste that is divine; One taste that is desire; One taste that is divine desire for consciousness awakening!

Ken Wilber, a famous writer and lecturer on Integral Theory (mysticism, philosophy, ecology and developmental psychology) summed up the One taste of Awakening in Boulder, Colorado, during the Spring of 1998:

"...Body, mind, and soul are not mutually exclusive. The desires of the flesh, the ideas of the mind, and the luminosities of the soul - all are perfect expressions of the radiant Spirit that alone inhabits the universe, sublime gestures of that Great Perfection that alone outshines the world. There is only One taste in the entire Kosmos, and that taste is Divine, whether it appears in the flesh, in the mind, in the soul. Resting in that One taste, transported beyond the mundane, the world arises in the purest Freedom and radiant Release, happy to infinity, lost in all eternity, and hopeless in the original face of the unrelenting mystery. From One taste all things return - and in between, which is the story of this moment, there is only the dream, and sometimes the nightmare, from which we would do well to Awaken."

*Orgasmic Meditation® (OM) is a registered trademark of OneTaste Incorporated, and is used with permission.

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