Jeanne and Nick recognize a few things:

  • First, there is no such thing as a Guru. Just good guides with good information, whom are even better guides when they agree with this point.

  • Second, there is nothing out there that is going to save you. Good guides can assist with prompting you in the digging, helping you clear your traumas and blocks so that you can remember. But ultimately, you, and only you, must save yourself.

  • And finally, there is no finish line. You, us, we will always be working to achieve our best Selves. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, this is about the journey, and not about reaching the destination.

We’ve been consciously working on ourselves, individually and collectively, for more than the past 20 years. And we’ve personally experienced what we teach, learning how to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Most importantly, we will be respectful listeners and are always open to yet at least one additional learning, each and every day that we breathe. You, us, we teach each other. That is why we meet.

Our goal as a coaching couple is very transparent. In dialogue with you, we will use our skills to detect your resistances in all things relationship- to your partner, to your community, to the Human, to Gaia, and the agreements you’ve made to bind them to you. As we do so, we’ll mine any findings with you, in search of your hidden yet underlying desires. Often, but not always, we will recommend some training and practice in Orgasmic Meditation. This, because OMing is the quickest route to true vulnerability we’ve found. And all good guides know that, in this state of vulnerability, and only in this state – outside of One’s comfort zone, one can grow most easily. And growing is what we’re all about.

In the process of uncovering your true desires, we assist you in determining that which no longer serves you. We help you test the truth of each such discovery and, wherever necessary, and in concert with approval from your greater Self, we guide you in moving forward with Reality Management Tools, most likely Closure, the release of those relationships and any related attachments and contracts.