Jeanne Wicks grew up in Colorado and has a great appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, and has a special love for skiing.

She is a OneTaste-certified personal coach, and couples, sexuality and transformation coach.

Since 2007 Jeanne has practiced Theta Healing, an intuitive healing modality, for which she holds 3 levels of certification. Jeanne is an extreme empath and a Reflector in the Human Design modality, along with only 1% of the rest of humanity. She feels almost everything her client’s feel. She has studied Osho’s work via the Path of Love, and has been trained as a BioGenesis practitioner, working with energy-infused glass healing tools.

Jeanne and Nick, are twice-graduates (first student, then assistant) of Mary Margrave’s “The Path of Conscious Initiation,” specializing in Jungian psychology, archetypal patterns and energies, and stepping into the emotional body. The pair have journied with plant medicines, have experience in Tantric Yoni/Lingum De-Armoring and Massage, and are Closure Facilitators and Reality Management practitioners with George Kavassalis.

Jeanne has been engaged in extensive personal growth work and spiritual exploration since 1994.

Jeanne Wicks
-Integrated Theta Healing Artist
-OneTaste-certified Life, Relationship & Transformation Coach
-Reality Management Closure Facilitator

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