One-on-one coaching with OneTaste-trained coaches is a unique experience. Nick was Certified in 2013 (CP7), Jeanne in 2014 (CP8).

It’s a potent cocktail of high-quality attention, fierce truth-telling and unwavering commitment to your true desires. We are trained to combine the 20 Principles of Orgasm with a solid coaching foundation, formulated from life-long explorations of doing our own work. What we offer is deeply catalyzing and surprisingly effective. Our coaching is especially tailored to couples and singles that feel stuck and are looking for lasting change in the areas of sex, relationships and intimacy. By putting deliberate, quality attention on these malnourished parts, we have found our clients discover a wellspring inside themselves. A source that hydrates even the most dry and brittle relationships; one that opens channels to love, purpose and fulfillment where we had previously given up hope. To see if we are a good fit, sign up for a free one-hour exploratory session. In this session, we will excavate your desire, identify your current obstacles, teach you about our coaching style, and make you a clear offer based on our current menu of services.