Sacred Jewel
The Sacred Jewel is located just above Ruedi Reservoir, headwaters for the famous Frying Pan River. We are remotely located high in the mountainous pines, by design. A space blessed and dedicated for sacred community ceremony. This idyllic setting provides a conscious container for your group of 10 to 30, where you can commune for teachings, yoga, meditation and any other higher frequency activities and ceremonies. Couple these indoor activities with a plethora of nature’s outdoor delights right outside of our 30’ yurt: summer water sports, hiking and biking; winter cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

SACRED JEWEL YURT is located just before the houses at 1511 RUEDI CREEK ROAD, BASALT; located about 15 miles east of town, up the Frying Pan River Road, just beyond the Ruedi Reservoir damn. Phone number is (970) 927-0884. You can expect about a 25 – 30 minute drive from downtown Basalt. FYI, once you are a couple miles outside of the town of Basalt, there is NO CELL SERVICE (& thus, no cell service at Sacred Jewel as well).

From downtown Basalt, take Midland Ave. straight through town & continue east as the road becomes Frying Pan Road. Continue until you reach the reservoir dam on your right; roughly a 1/2 mile thereafter on your right, look for the 14 mile marker. From the 14 mile marker, go another 7/10 of a mile & take the first left turn onto Ruedi Creek Road (which is slightly below road grade, & you will see a small doghouse-like building with a green roof as you turn). [If you find yourself on McLaughlin Ln., you’ve gone too far.] On Ruedi Creek Road, please honor our local speed limit of 15 miles per hour. Continue approximately 1 mile up Ruedi Creek Road until the road narrows & bends sharply left, over the creek; continue following the road as it bends back to the right. Sacred Jewel yurt is the first driveway on the RIGHT (a small wilderness parking area at the sign – see below). NOTE: If you see the sign for 1511, you’ve gone too far.